Heisenberg Song

by The Electric Pancakes

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To the tune of MIKA's "Popular Song," ASAC Hank Schrader and Lydia Rodarte-Quayle deliver some rhymes towards the man they're both after: Walter "Heisenberg" White.


[Hank Schrader]
What's the "gray" matter, Walt?
Got me on the brain?
I want you like a Ch-Ch-Cheeto covered Shania Twain
I want you so bad, can't let cancer spoil it.
Supercop, do my best work on the toilet!
Nice confession tape, nobody's gonna fall for that.
Then again, you hid a meth lab in a Laundromat.
Nobody will believe it; I'm nothing like you.
And check it out Walt, I can kill the Mike, too!
Ha! Your boy Pinkman really talks.
Guaranteed, from this, I'll be the only one who walks

[Hank Schrader]
Heisenberg! I know you are Heisenberg!
You're making that crank so blue,
And my balls too,
'Cause I'm getting so freakin' close!

Heisenberg! I'll make you pay, Heisenberg!
I said, Damnit Walt!
Everything's your fault!
I don't even know who you are!

[Lydia Rodarte-Quayle]
Look, I wanna trust you,
But what about Gus?
And I know that you're the Danger
But what about us?
You're in hot water, Walt! Don't touch my beverage.
Pinkman's mine- How's that for leverage?!
Role reversal! I'll give YOU the Blues.
More organized than you, in my mismatched shoes.
I'm a single mom and a Methylamine Queen.
You could say I'm uptight, if you know what I mean.
Lydi-Lydi Bang-Bang
Load up and take aim!
We'll blow their hair back and have 'em saying our names!
You've only worked with men in your past dealings?
When I get you back gonna shatter the "glass" ceiling!

[Lydia Rodarte-Quayle]
Heisenberg! I need you Heisenberg!
You can't be through.
Gotta have the Blue.
Need that 99 percent!

Heisenberg! Get back here, Heisenberg!
Todd couldn't bring the green,
With his Aquamarine!
I need your skills the most!

[Hank Schrader]
I'm just doin' my job, so don't be a hater brah!
Busy in my garage, working on my Schraderbrau.
Bromance with Pinkman? Time to divorce him.
It's cute that you're the one who knocks,but I'm kicking doors in!
Beat this kid up and gave him a scarred face
I was stuck between some minerals and a hard place
BFFs now, here to raise hell!
We're the bomb like Hector Salamanca, ring a bell? (Ding!)
Never tread lightly, it's time you know this.
Me and Pinkman about to blowfish!
Same team now, he had to snitch.
Because opposites attract, right? Magnets, b****!"

Heisen-, Oh Heisen-Heisen, Heisenberg!
Heisen-, Oh Heisen-Heisen, Heisenberg!
Heisen-, Heisen-Heisen, Heisen-Yeah!
Your lies and disguisin' got me despisin' you, Heisenberg!
Your lies and disguisin' got me despisin' you, Heisenberg!


released September 23, 2013
Custom music produced, mixed, and mastered by Adam Borecki
Hank Schrader rap vocals by Brian White
Lydia Rodarte-Quayle rap vocals by Ariel Fisher
Chorus Lydia Rodarte-Quayle vocals by Elisa Perez-Selsky
Additional harmony vocals by Eric Parker
All lyrics by - Brian White




The Electric Pancakes Los Angeles, California

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